The decision to change is the ultimate instant gratification

I aspire to be many things — intending to be more organised, disciplined, creative, and efficient each day. Aiming to […]

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The Seven Sins that make us verbose

“Why BRIEF? In our attention-deficit economy, being brief is what’s desperately needed and rarely delivered. When we fail to be […]

Art of Procrastination cover

Do you do more when you have more to do?

When I procrastinate, I tend to buy books (and sometimes read books). It seemed to make sense that I read […]


Why are most meetings boring? No conflict.

Meetings are a lot like movies, Patrick shows: they run about the same amount of time and involve sitting down. […]

Pause and see what you’re curious about. Take away a quote or a recommendation!

I cuddle up with books whenever possible. When I read, I am fascinated, expanded, energised, and clear. Yet, a week […]


The downside of freedom is choices

Do you want more choices? Most of us would say yes. Whether its for pricing plans, website design, menu items, […]


The opposite of quitting isn’t “waiting around”

No, the opposite of quitting is rededication. The opposite of quitting is an invigorated new strategy designed to break the […]


To improve education, think smaller

One in four children, it turns out, has subpart eyesight, while a whopping 60 percent of “problem learners” have trouble […]